Precious Metals: Secure Logistics

 Precious metals are a complex industry with multiple supply chains that must be managed. End-to-end managed begins at the mine and ends with the final user. There are several regulations that must be followed, from document preparation to storage to acceptance, and each can step can get bogged down if it is not properly managed.

Raw products have their own challenges. You may also be involved in government-production coins, rare collectibles, or precious metals as an investment. Each industry as its own secure logistics challenges that must be effectively met to reduce costs and risk.

This is where the experience of Naturalene Inc. can become an asset for your brand and business. Our team follows a 4-step process to manage your precious metals logistics.

  • We provide door-to-door logistics. Subject to the terms and conditions of our contract, we take on the liability of worldwide shipments using any standard method (air, land, or sea). We also work with storage, pick-up, customs, and inventory management.
  • We offer storage solutions. Our network allows for access to authorized precious metals storage facilities that meet or exceed your policies and procedures. This access improves the speed of shipping and processing.
  • We provide effective inventory management. Balancing, reporting, and customized programs allow you to be able to track and maintain documentation of your precious metals so that reconciliation is no longer a headache.
  • We offer shipment services. This includes preparation, weighing, and acceptance. Third-party assaying and inspections is also included.

Precious metals are a solid investment. They can be highly collectible items. It can be the basis of your profit margin. The secure logistics for your precious metals, when appropriately implemented, will protect your position in a safe and affordable manner.

At Naturalene Inc., we understand that speed and safety are two of your top priorities. Let our team show you just how effective we can be when you have a secure logistics need that must be met.