At Naturalene, our team works closely with you from start to finish.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) works just like any other commodity in our world today. When you have buying power as an advantage, then you can secure lower prices for your FF&E items that are needed.

At Naturalene, our team works closely with you from start to finish, identifying the cost and scheduling parameters that will to a successful outcome. Through our vendor relationships and buying power, we will provide you with a price reduction on all of your FF&E needs.

We can also take a hands-on approach to your current project management needs.

  • Our team can prepare your front end documents so that your next project gets started on the right foot.
  • We can also solicit bids from qualified vendors or consultants, based on your standards, while staying in compliance with all local bidding laws, regulations, and expectations.
  • We can then maintain your ongoing budget and schedule forecasts in order to meet or exceed your project goals.

Furniture selection and interior design are just as important as budget management and logistical coordination. We will make sure you receive exactly what you need at a highly competitive price thanks to our high volume purchasing power.

Our team will even coordinate the warehousing, transportation, and installation of the items you need in accordance to your project schedule. We offer single delivery options or customized installation solutions based on your operational needs. Our team will even work with you to establish project forecasts, budgets, and scheduling if requested.

Some in our industry focus on local providers. We prefer global relationships with suppliers. This allows us to source your FF&E items at a reduced cost, allow you to have the design solutions required for your current budget and project specifications. Talk to our team to discover how much you could potentially save today.

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