It would be nice if everything in life was placed within comfortable reach.

Unfortunately, there are times when you need to work with an aerial access solution to get a job done. This is where Industrial Man Lifts can step in to provide you with the assets your brand and business needs today.

We can provide you with off-the-shelf or completely customized aerial access assets that will instantly make you more productive. This includes:

  • Articulation boom lifts.
  • Scissor lifts and lift tables.
  • Telescoping boom lifts.

We also provide customized maintenance platforms, mast boom lifts, ladders, and other miscellaneous man lift solutions.

You will find that our products are priced competitively, yet without the sacrifices to their quality like you sometimes see with other manufacturers or providers. Our goal is simple: to give you the best access solution possible so that you can successfully achieve your own business goals.

Every solution meets or exceeds current OSHA and ANSI standards for safety, as well as other miscellaneous government standards or coding that may be in place for some communities. We make it so that you can worry about getting your next job done to the best of your ability instead of worrying about equipment regulatory requirements or safety issues.

Our team will help you find or customize the industrial man lifts that will let you complete every aerial service you’ve contracted out according to your expectations. We design our solutions around you instead of expecting you to design your projects around the equipment we offer.

Whether you’re looking for portable aluminum scaffolds or you need an industrial-grade hydraulic lift, our team is standing by right now to help you meet your needs in the most affordable and effective way. Not everything may be in reach, but with our aerial access solutions and your ingenuity, you will make it easier to reach greater levels of success this year.