Clean water represents life. It is by far our most valuable resource.

In a global emergency, the amount of water that can be provided to a community in need will often determine the level of initial recovery it can perform.

Our goal is simple: to improve the efficiency of water access by supporting and representing innovative resources which ensure a quality of life in trying times. Clean water supports everything. It improves health. It supports local economies.

At Naturalene, we specialize in obtaining the clean water which is needed for a wide variety of applications. This allows us to enhance the natural environments around us as we meet these specific needs.

  • Personal emergency water supplies. It is essential to have water stocked with your emergency kits should an incident occur in your community. We can help you make sure you have long-term water supplies should the unthinkable happen.
  • Improved water access. Around the globe, there are many communities which have zero safe access to clean drinking water. We provide solutions that can improve this access.
  • Commercial applications. Clean water is also an integral component of the work many organizations do on local, regional, and national levels.

How much water do you need? In general terms, 1 gallon of water can support one person for a total of 3 days. In an emergency, you will also need water for cooking and personal needs. A family of four, therefore, would need a minimum of 12 gallons of water stored for a 3-day emergency kit.

And if you have pets, you’ll want to add another gallon of water for every 3 days to your total.

If a disaster strikes, you could lose your access to clean water. You might also depend on clean water to bring in revenues for your business. From basic water provisions to filtration systems which can turn water from virtually any source into something that is safe to drink, you will find the solution needed to solve your problem today.