World-class armored vehicle manufacturing solutions

Unique features, industry-leading security and global deployment

Your security requires the best possible bullet-resistance technologies that are available today. You may also require customized security solutions to make sure that everyone can come home at the end of the day. Thanks to our ability to meet those needs every step of the way, from engineering and design to builds and mods, you will have the armored vehicle needed to create a personal fortress on the street.

We specialize in providing three specific categories of armored vehicles.

  • Armored Personnel Carriers.
  • Personal Protection Vehicles.
  • Cash In-Transit Vehicles.

All of our armored vehicle manufacturing process meet or exceed current Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Only the highest quality parts are used to secure your armored vehicle, making sure that you have the standard of protection and safety you require.

Comprehensive armored vehicle manufacturing requires a testing process to ensure that your next asset is able to endure the most hostile environment you may encounter. This means rigorous testing by independent ballistic laboratories happens for small CIT trucks, large personnel carriers, and everything in-between.


Used Armored Vehicles Are Another Viable Solution

 Something that is new to you can still be a valuable security asset, but without the extra cost of manufacturing or initial modification. Pre-owned armored vehicles are thoroughly inspected to ensure they will not compromise your standards of safety or quality. Inventories for used armored vehicles are frequently updated, so check often or speak with one of our staff today to discuss what your unique needs happen to be so we can find the best solution for you.

Whether you work in law enforcement, work with the military, perform cash pick-ups, or protect a VIP, our armored vehicle manufacturing division can produce the asset you need right now. Let us know what your problem happens to be and together we’ll find the comprehensive solution your contract or client demands.