Our Divisions

At Naturalene, we have several established divisions which are designed to help your brand and business succeed. Each will be able to provide unique strengths to support your overall vision and organizational goals. Let us help you create something remarkable today.
Industrial Man Lifts - Division of Naturalene

Industrial Man Lifts

Whether you’re looking for portable aluminum scaffolds or you need an industrial-grade hydraulic lift, our team is standing by right now to help you meet your needs in the most affordable and effective way.
Aviation Maintenance Platforms

Ground Support Equipment

If you want to provide quality aircraft services, then you must have the best ground support equipment possible to support your brand and business.  That’s the equation for success – and we’ll make sure it gets solved today.
Tampa Empire Computer Services Unlimited Tech Support

IT Support

Let’s make sure your computers, mobile devices, and brands are all up to date and operating as they should. Contact us today for a no obligation conversation or quote so that you can finally receive the IT support you deserve.
Custom Aircraft Platforms

Custom Aircraft Platforms

Today’s custom aircraft platforms are lightweight, yet still sturdy and strong, and meet or exceed all government safety standards. You can have permanent or portable solutions so that your progress can keep moving forward.
Global LAV - An Armored Car Expert

Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

Comprehensive armored vehicle manufacturing requires a testing process to ensure that your next asset is able to endure the most hostile environment you may encounter. This means rigorous testing by ballistic laboratories.
Aircraft Towbars & GSE

Aircraft Tow Bars

Aircraft tow bars are one of the most essential components of your ground service equipment. Strength, dependability, and portability – these are the hallmarks of a great tow bar.
Global Emergency Water - Division of Naturalene

Global Emergency Water

Our goal is simple: to improve the efficiency of water access by supporting and representing innovative resources which ensure a quality of life in trying times.